Kitfolio v3.7/2023 Sustainable Web Development

Ascending spectral spheres

Parties to the Pre-Contract

Between the Contracting Parties
The "providing party" on the one side:
  • Designation: "Web Foundation Daniela BERNDT" (under self-incubation)
  • Physical address: (remains masked, as it refers to the provider's home-based office)
  • Virtual address: (dematerialized web service)
  • Type of foundation: Conceptual prototype of a "New Generation Web Organization"
  • Activity: Development of the master-franchising solution for societal R&D referred to as "NetPlusUltra®"
  • Entity registration number: (pending)
  • Tax regime: R&D exemption (see footnote 2)
  • Entity activity code: (pending)
  • Represented by: Ms. Daniela BERNDT
  • Acting in the capacity of: Founder and Managing Director
  • Hereinafter referred to as: "Daniela BERNDT"
And the "client party" on the other side:
  • In the case of a professional or a company: [designation]
  • Physical address: [head office]
  • Virtual address: [web address]
  • Registered in: [name and address of the Trade and Companies Register]
  • Under following number: [registration number]
  • Represented by: [title Firstname LASTNAME]
  • Acting in the capacity of: [capacity]
  • Hereinafter referred to as: "[designation]"
Or else:
  • In the case of an individual: [title Firstname LASTNAME]
  • Physical address: [full address]
  • Virtual address: [web address]
  • Identity card or passport number: [number]
  • Exercising the profession of: [occupation]
  • Acting in the capacity of: [capacity]
  • Hereinafter referred to as: "[designation]"
Within the context of a web consultation aiming at assessing the feasibility of the virtual incubation project referred to as "[project name]" submitted by the client party, the parties intend to share information pertaining to the said incubation project.
The communication of such information shall be carried out under the conditions set out hereinafter.
[Reminder: In the present state of things, the access to the internal pre-consultation perimeter suggested below requires the prior registration of the prospect (the future client party), through the registration form (currently reserved for professional sponsors) of the future providing party.]
Terms of the Agreement
Having regard to the above, the following has been agreed and decided upon:
Please check and fill out the mandatory boxes and fields marked with an (*) to access the demo [the following is a disabled login simulation meant to confirm that this type of paid web service will be reserved for duly franchised users]:

Please use the email identifier provided upon registration.

Please use the password provided upon registration.


1. The Contractual Franchise Kit in Retro-Prospective:
As the formula-enabled conceptualization of a contractual document template provided in October 2005 by the legal department of the French National Centre of Scientific Research (CNRS) for the requirements of my instruction phase 1/3 (2004-2012), with a view to the conduct of a feasibility audit pertaining to the development of my virtual web incubation service, the initial version 1/3 of this contractual kit was conceived so as to enable the implementation of the underlying strategy in four stages:
  1. Conclusion of the confidentiality agreement (pre-contract);
  2. Conduct of the initial security audit with a view to the permanent optimization of the web franchising perimeter;
  3. Negotiation of the terms of the project incubation contract (budget, deadlines, planning);
  4. Renewal and follow-up of the web franchising partnership.
2. Taxation Issues:
Regardless of the type of tax to be considered against the background of the corresponding taxation model, tax exemption on Planet+Ultra® is justified by the fact that the master franchising system preventively resolves this systemic wealth redistribution issue at the source, i.e. through the Unified Conceptual Declaration. Indeed, in the absence of micro-economic unknowns, upstream of the value creation process, likely to generate, due to their untraceable nature, undesirable macro-economic side effects downstream, it is the entire taxation principle which loses its legitimacy.