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The Virtual Incubator is The NetPlusUltra®

This subject matter-related chronological roadmap proposes a final synthesis of everything that must be remembered about the first two phases of instruction-incubation with regard to the development history of my NetPlusUltra® master-franchising solution for web authors. As a conceptual complement to my Lifefolio website (1), which is dedicated to the virtualization of the contextual space-time continuum through which I have defined my life project, the present timeline implies the prior consultation of the Funding section thereto (2). The weblog-enabled version of the present timeline is available under (3).
A Journey into the Heart of Light
  • 2000-2002 Point 0

    Point Zero Architecture

    Management of my critical mass-enabled threshold effect (before-after tipping point).
  • Starting 2000

    "Auto-psy" de mon changement d'état psycho-corporel

    "Auto-Psy" of My Change of Mind-Body Condition
    The idea of a state-of-the-art NetPlusUltra® network built to transcend the constraints of space and time imposed itself in June 2000 at the sight of a NEC-branded mobile phone blinking in reset state on its base station, undoubtedly because at that precise moment, I found myself in an (overlearned) transcendental state of cognitive mutation. The reason why this genetic episode of metacognition creates a legal precedent with regard to the medical issue it raises, is that it sets the very topographic point zero of my birth, considering not only that the (leap) years 2000 and 1972 are "identical twins", but also that June refers to the month of my conception.
  • Starting 2001

    Your Label

    Holistic Redefinition of Priorities
    Against all odds, the insoluble unknown father enigma, which, until this unexpected mutation, had paradoxically barred the way to wellness by fueling a protean cognitive dissonance upon which I exhausted myself to preserve some form of precognitive ascendency, would rapidly impose itself as a figurative counter-representation finally "incarnate", in the sense that it (re)opened a privileged access to the fifth dimension: stereoptically self-guided along a royal way which now redeployed itself into a therapeutic matrix of which I was the source code, the challenge was more than ever to thwart the game plans of an evil ghost protocol of which I had phobically engrammed all parameters into a cumbersome telemetric black box that only I could decypher.
  • Starting 2002

    Your Label

    Multi-Dimensional Separation of Concerns
    The state of traumatic levitation which kept me gravitating around the psychosomatic trace of the core issue, since the disintegration thereof in June 2000, was paradoxical in the way it outlined the shapes of a defragmented multiverse of "multimedial" galaxies, of which my psychoanalytical exploration exposed the inner workings (i.e. the modus operandi). The resulting cure path was paved with emotional restoration points that popped up in a random order of incidence like unfinished charades, which - as space-time markers - turned out to correspond to as many (past) thresholds of precognitive self-empowerment along a focal moving-target rationale locked into a tunnel effect around the question of the identity of the biological father, an unknown variable which I had learned to bypass insofar as it eluded itself to formulation.
Flashbacks to the Future
  • 2003-2012 Phase 1

    The Virtual Incubator

    Windows-enabled instruction phase 1/3.
  • Since 2003


    Web Incubation
    With such a metacognitive power finally unleashed, I found myself supernaturally enabled to redirect my professional project into the field of virtual incubation as applied to business creation, all the more so as my new mind-body condition did not leave me much of a better alternative, since I was now more than ever the holistic solution to my own problem of systemic "embarkedness". The only shadow in the picture, now that I was literally self-empowered by the right "(yet to be deciphered) R&D blackbox" to venture into a finally conceivable future, resided in the desperately obsolescent nature of all existing measures in the areas of self-employment and business creation.
  • Since 2004


    R&D Protocol
    Once equipped with a web-enabled PC relatively suited to meet my growing office automation requirements, I shifted into the right condition to further develop the matrix-empowered data mentalization work started in 2001 (with a view to modelling), when my mental over-efficiency disorder escalated into its "geyser phase" (episode of reject): the psychoanalysis of this focal memory overload, of which the massive eruption enabled the (re)collection, would help me to diagnose my psychic condition as a paradoxical form of (self-resolving) "point zero hyper[a]mnesia". As if the mission was not impossible enough, I was also running out of employment allowance time, by force of having to proceed by elimination, so much so that a "special examination protocol" (which remained unilateral for lack of a transparent specifications sheet that I would have accepted to sign) turned out to be the only remaining measure on the medical side - considering the notarial real estate embezzlement to which I was also delivered - likely to enable me to forward my hyper-case to the litigation section of the French State Council.
  • Since 2005


    National Level
    After the psychoanalysis of both my audiovisual mnemonic film reels and the dreamlike elaborations produced during my total-recall geyser phase (when my brain regurgitated entire graphic circuits waiting to be modelized for further interpretation), and the restoration of a gigantic puzzle of photographic contents, against the background of the "cine-cure" I initiated to this end in 2003, the big systemic framework of past, present and future trends which conditioned my life project was finally ready, i.e. "pre-mentalized", for the instruction to which I was headed with a view to an exhaustive clarification of the situation, considering the daily harassment that kept poisoning my atmosphere through prefabricated rumors. The preparation of my request to the French State Council, and the subsequent examination thereof, enabled me to define both the main subject matter areas of my web franchise-based Unified Conceptual Declaration, and the legal strategy of my virtual enterprise, with a view to achieving an effective preventive protection of (the intellectual property of) families and individuals against all forms of sectarian interference, whether governmental or private.
  • Since 2006


    International Level
    The evolution of the instruction resulted directly from the findings of my anamnesis-oriented soul investigation, considering that I was defining my web services with a self-applied R&D focus, along with the ongoing analysis and restoration of all forms of memories in need of reconciliation. In 2006, when my meta-cognition finally restabilized itself at its (newborn) point of (traumatic) equilibrium, I found the right inspiration to develop the hyper-modular architecture of my web franchising system, against the background of the virtual reintegration (by digitization) of all contents processed during my academic years of study (international context of my 1990ies), in the (chrono-) logical continuation of the school path which I retraced in 2005 (national context of my 1980ies). During this new stage of development, it became necessary to secure - in the form of an initial feasibility audit introduced under the Patent Cooperation Treaty - the future patent protection of my web concept solution: considering indeed that my brain, as a digital fortress, was a perfectly reliable "safe deposit sandbox", the business-critical contents where much safer in my "incubator head", which allowed the preview of a future global solution, than in detached pieces of instruction on remote third-party servers.
  • Since 2007

    De droit européen

    European Law
    In front of a geopolitical conflict of interests profoundly rooted in two culturally diverging visions of networking (American vs. European approach), the time was right to put the contractual strategy elaborated in 2006 to the test of the European code of intellectual property, all the more so as my priority was now to unify my countless restoration points into a theory of everything having the force of a proof of concept. For a whole spectrum of medical, personal and professional reasons pertaining to the systemic nature of my case, the exercise required a thorough examination of the geopolitical context of the times before my birth (1950ies and 1960ies), with a view to reconsidering the latter in light of a whole range of new elements of which I had no knowledge at the time of my cognitive episode of June 2000. This part of my research finally came to an end in late 2009, when I declared my instruction phase 1/3 as terminated, considering that the latter was getting mired in paper for lack of an adequate funding solution which would have enabled a restitution of findings in the form of a conceptual showcase model having the force of precedent.
  • Since 2010


    Showcase Modelling
    The anamnesis-sustained professional webwatch activity which I engaged into in September 2000, with a view to dismantling - by knowledge virtualization - the critical mass effect inherent in my cognitive overflow syndrome, started to bear fruit in early 2010, when I finally found myself empowered to modelize the global incidence matrix pertaining to the genesis of the uncanny "AlphatraZ paradox" underlying my multimedial "point zero hyper[a]mnesia". This transitional phase of preparation of the return of experience which I needed to publish to represent my case, came to an end in June 2012, when my Windows PC finally locked itself into an infinite loop around an OS registry default, after more than eight years of counter-investigation of a perfectly abusive sectarian interference.
Paradigm Shift
  • 2012-2017 Phase 2


    MacOS-enabled publication phase 2/3.
  • Since 2012


    During the second half of 2012, I migrated over to the Mac world against the background of a real estate restructuration resulting from the instruction. The objective of incubation phase 2/3 was now to publish the return on experience pertaining to the (multi-OS-enabled) incubation solution which I had developed under Windows XP, in the form of a feasibility audit with integrated proof-of-concept testing, so as to prepare de playground for the future implementation of my web franchising services by inducing, through a matrix-based (i.e. systemic) problem-solving demonstration path, the paradigm shift necessary to the redeployment of the existing internet into a digital economy conceptualized towards the sustainable self-development of web franchised users. The first step along the path was none other than my multimedia point zero blackbox, which I conceptualized to this end.
  • Since 2013


    The validation of the user experience with regard to the usability of the R&D protocol in development since 2004, whose systemic perimeter of application now extended to society as a whole, consisted in encouraging all target audiences to participate in the thought process to be unfolded by the publication of a concrete case study in the field of strategic implementation, pertaining to the audit in progress of the value chain underlying the production process of web contents. This NetPlusUltra®-sustained Netfolio project enabled the Mac-based consolidation of the methodological approach formulated under Windows XP during the comparative study of both operating systems, which I initiated in 2006, and constituted the first of the four levels of aggregation to be integrated into a proof of concept as part of my global feasibility audit.
  • Since 2014


    The second - Profolio-enabled - part of the demo journey was about making it clear to future franchised members that the whole benefit of my web concept solution resided in the networkability thereof, and that since the underlying web incubation formula had the same powers as a holy grail - salutary for persons of integrity, potentially self-destructive for malevolent individuals - it was absolutely imperative to start by dedicating such an instrument to the application of a specific number of precautionary principles having regard to the large-scale redeployment of web services, pertaining not only to the definition of a legal strategy, of a SSL-enabled certification policy, and of a network mission statement, but also to the implementation of a dedicated user forum. Indeed, what is the point in engaging in a network enterprise without the appropriate professional rigor?
  • Since 2015


    My international year of light 2015 was devoted to the twofold conceptual paradigm shift to be enshrined in terms of the economic and societal models under reconsideration in the light of my web franchising solution, with a view to preparing the ground for the great infrastructural debriefing that lay ahead. With regard to the concept demonstration in progress, the objective was to let emerge, in the minds of prospective affiliates, the matrix-enabled framework of the web franchising network’s global reporting system, so as to empower everyone to redirect their trajectory through retro-prospective convergence towards a new alternative vision of everything. Instead of provoking a brutal rupture effect where it was more appropriate in a first step to explain the root causes of a multiple digital and generational divide, the challenge was to suggest a peaceful disintegration of the structural system default in the emerging global concept solution.
  • Since 2016


    Seven years after my first conclusive test of concept aiming for the unification of all my mnemonic restoration points into a metacognitive theory of mind-body integrity, the integration of all specifications-oriented building blocks of my conceptual demonstration path into a unified vision of the meta-reporting infrastructure sustaining the cognitive economy of the NetPlusUltra®-empowered franchising system enabled me to put to the fore, as part of my audit program debriefing for the years 2013 to 2016, the gigantic pool of productivity which could be liberated by a master franchise-based conceptualization of the entire web. This is how I completed my second phase of instruction with a published proof of concept showing how a systemic problem-solving cycle could be virtuously squared into a NetPlusUltra®-sustained Masterfolio conceived so as to serve as a frame of reference with a view to the implementation of the web-enabled master franchising system of the same name.
  • Since 2017


    Graphic Remastering (to RW7)
    In early 2017, this conceptual frame of reference under permanent optimization - by virtue of the process formula which keeps it all virtuously locked upwards to counter the negative side effects of leveling down - enabled me to provide some more graphic insight in the capitalization rationale inherent in my conceptual audit approach, through the integration into my published websites - as part of the upgrade of all system and app components of my recommended native configuration - of all (tangible) improvements brought about by the development and the publication of my conceptual demonstration path. By the same token, this remastering process also enabled me to finalize my content versioning technique, with a view to a future changelog-sustained reporting both more transparent and didactical.
Legal Validation
  • Starting 2018 Intermission


    Preparation of production phase 3/3 in a dedicated server environment, with a view to the implementation of the "Next Generation" source code(x).

    To be followed through at :
  • Starting 2019

    Your Label

    Graphic Remastering (to RW8), part 1/2
  • Starting 2020

    Your Label

    Graphic Remastering (to RW8), part 2/2
  • Starting 2021

    Your Label

    World Wide Wait ... Next Generation ...
  • Starting 2022

    Your Label

    ... Reloadability Confirmed ...
  • Starting 2023

    Your Label

    ... Pending ...
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