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Évènement astronomique

The Butterfly Effect

A Flap of the Wings, and All is Reset

Welcome to this website of legal and technical specifications, whose v2.0/2018 is available under free access, since the feasibility audit which the access-restricted v1.0/2014 thereof served to secure is as of now completed. Let us start with the usual conceptual preview:

The present blog-enabled homepage provides the changelog of the underlying perimeter, which enables to reconsider each new development against the background of its original publication context.Continue reading

Engineering Virtuous Cycles

Squaring The Net

You have just transmitted your pre-registration form (1), and I would like to thank you for the trust you are showing in doing so. From here on, my responsibility, as a master franchisor, will be to enable the contractual relationship which binds us to evolve in full mutual transparency.Continue reading