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You have just transmitted your pre-registration form (1), and I would like to thank you for the trust you are showing in doing so. From here on, my responsibility, as a master franchisor, will be to enable the contractual relationship which binds us to evolve in full mutual transparency.

Considering that your pre-registration provides you access to my private and independent NetPlusUltra® domain for self-authored franchisees, i.e. to the virtual incubation process that this network is conceived to frame (by the formula), each contractual stage paves the way for the next. My NetPlusUltra® workspace designates both the dedicated multi-OS "Extranet+" (2) hosted on OVH servers (of which the present pre-agreement constitutes an integral part), and the native "Intranet+" (3) hosted on my own dedicated private server.

Since the present stage marks the beginning of a customized business relationship implying the exchange of information which belong to their respective author(s), the partnership shall be secured through the present confidentiality agreement, which we are about to review and to conclude together by web conference.

The following contract form is therefore to be understood as the pre-contract pertaining to the rights and obligations of the parties to the franchise contract for a specific incubation perimeter. As the self-authoring master franchisor, my perimeter covers all the contents which are necessary for the delivery, by the protected NetPlusUltra® formula, of the said virtual incubation service. As a franchisee, your perimeter refers to what you intend to do with that know-how, i.e. to the idea which you have to materialize into a project.

Considering further that I am not supposed to host your contents, but to provide access to my network of web services, it is important for you to organize by yourself the protection and backup of everything that you will produce throughout the upcoming incubation process, since all contents produced inside the franchising network are conceived (i.e. incubated) so as to preserve the conceptual integrity of the underlying protection rationale. Therefore, the present pre-agreement constitutes, after the pre-registration form that it completes, an integral part of the internal regulations which provide for healthy relationships between affiliate members.

Upon conclusion of this pre-agreement, you will be eligible, depending on your equipment, to the creation of an user identifier providing member access to my proprietary NetPlusUltra® workspaces (dedicated multi-OS "Extranet+" and/or self-hosted native "Intranet+"), where the incubation contract will subsequently be further specified.

Finally, insofar as this agreement seals the terms of the partnership between the master franchisor and the franchisee, thus providing access to the conceptual incubation services of the NetPlusUltra® network, it is subject to the prior acceptance of the provider’s terms of payment and to the monthly wire transfer of the membership fee, in accordance with the specifications laid out on my Extrafolio website thereto (4).

I am now inviting you over to join me on the next page (5).

Daniela BERNDT

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