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Strategic alignment

The Virtual Incubator is The NetPlusUltra®

This subject matter-related chronological roadmap proposes a final synthesis of everything that must be remembered about the first two phases of instruction-incubation with regard to the development history of my NetPlusUltra® master-franchising solution for web authors. As a conceptual complement to my Lifefolio website (1), which is dedicated to the virtualization of the contextual space-time continuum through which I have defined my life project, the present timeline implies the prior consultation of the Funding section thereto (2).

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A Journey into the Heart of Light

2000-2002 : Point Zero Architecture
Management of my critical mass-enabled threshold effect (before-after tipping point).Continue reading

2000 : "Auto-Psy" of My Change of Mind-Body Condition

The idea of a state-of-the-art NetPlusUltra® network built to transcend the constraints of space and time imposed itself in June 2000 at the sight of a NEC-branded mobile phone blinking in reset state on its base station, undoubtedly because at that precise moment, I found myself in an (overlearned) transcendental state of cognitive mutation. The reason why this genetic episode of metacognition creates a legal precedent with regard to the medical issue it raises, is that it sets the very topographic point zero of my birth, considering not only that the (leap) years 2000 and 1972 are "identical twins", but also that June refers to the month of my conception.Continue reading